Nelson Mandela University

Bachelor of Equivalence Psychometrics

This short course provides a professional qualification that leads to registration with the HPCSA as a Psychometrist for Independent Practice. In this course, I acquired advanced knowledge, skills and attitudes related to assessing, understanding, explaining and developing human behaviour in a multicultural context. Skills developed include client engagement and psychometric test battery (industrial and clinical).

Outcome of Degree

South Africa College of Applied Psychology

Bachelor of Psychology Professional Degree

Obtained entry into the professional degree Bachelor of Psychology (Registered Counselor). Training includes psychometric testing, community intervention, research (qualitative and quantitative), counselling skills, group work skills, psychopathology and a competent internship. 

Outcome of Degree

Stellenbosch University

BCOM Mathematical Statistics/Actuarial Science

Partially completed degree in Mathematical Statistics/Actuarial Science. Developed the ability to analyse and manipulate data combined with a critical sense of detail. An understanding of accounting, economics, computer science and mathematics was obtained. 

Outcome of Degree

Isa Carstens

GAP Year Beauty Therapy Training

Obtained an in-depth understanding of cosmetology, including nail technology, make-up, waxing, and Swedish massage therapy. This academic year also included an internship at Isa Carstens Beauty Academy. 

Outcome of Degree