Recruitment Consultant

In this position, I am responsible for all internal recruitments. I source, interview and place the candidates. Due to the company being a start-up company, I have a hybrid role. Meaning that, at times, I am responsible for business administrative activities. 

Key Skills:

Cape Recife High School

Internship: Student Psychometric

The role of the psychometrist in the school was focused on test administration, conducting role-plays, scoring of test results, report writing, and providing constructive feedback to parents regarding successful or unsuccessful admission to the school.

Key Skills:

Community Cohesion 

Internship: Student Registered Counsellor 

Working within the scope of a registered counsellor. This included community interventions, stakeholder management, psycho-educational facilitations, networking, counselling, workshop development, recruitment and, awareness raising. 

Key Skills:

Isa Carstens 

Internship: Beauty Therapist

Experience obtained in this internship included working with people from a cosmetology viewpoint, receptionist duties, handling account payments, and product promotion. 

Key Skills: